I was born is 1960 in a small town next to the Danube, Kalocsa. My father loved ships, trains and above all, the Danube – a retired jury. My mother is always there for the grandchildren, retired singing teacher and choir leader. My little sister, Ági is a known and outstanding jazz singer, my little brother, Peti is a pastor and piano teacher.


We had an unforgettable childhood in Kaposvár, we lived together with all four of our grandparents – if we have any good in ourselves, we learned it from them. I started learning music at the local music school – my fondest memories are connected to Ági Aszalós, Feri Fuchs and Jóska Szalai. I was interested in many things. Why did I become a musician? There are many reasons, but is I remember right the main reason might have been a badly turned out concert after which I wanted to correct my mistakes. If I managed to do that, I don’t know for sure…

My ambitious thinking led me to Pest where I continued my studies under the guardianship of Hara Jr., Hara Sr., Imre Földes, Melinda Kistétényi, to mention only my favourite teachers.


I spent wonderful years in the orchestra of the Opera house, and I have been teaching bright young bassoon artist for years at the Liszt Academy.


I played at many stages of the world, small and big ones, in towns and big cities, for children, farmers and professors… I played well and not so well as well.


I have received many awards, which I am thankful for.


The closest to my heart stands my family: Sára, Dorka, Jónás and Ágoston, my children.


My troublesome personality didn’t let me gather many friends, there were two and there are two now: György Keszler, bassoon teacher and Imre Kovács flute artist, I am thankful for their support.



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