His musical career began 15 years ago, and he has been playing the saxophone for 13th years. After years of music school he continued his studies at the Weiner Leó Music School in Nanther Götz.


During the years, at the Music conservatory he has received a number of awards, including solo and chamber groups, within the school. During this time he also studied clarinet for two years.


In 2010, won the 2nd prize for the János Richter national saxophone competition, after


he spent half a year in 2011 at the Vienna Conservatorium, and in 2012 he succeeded in recruiting his current teacher in the Lars Mlekusch class at Konservatorium Wien Privatuniversitätre, where he has been trying to develop his knowledge ever since.


He has been regularly participating in Masterclasses, and for the past 4 years he has been able to meet and play with almost all of the “big” saxophone teachers in Europe (Mario Marzi, Arno Bornkamp, ​​Claude Delange, Christian Wirth, Vincent David, David Brutti, Marie-Bernadett Charrier, Mariano Garcia).

In 2013, won 4th place in the International Emona Music Competition in Ljubljana and then in the year 2014 he finished 1st at the first Köles István saxophone contest.


He has been an active participant in the Vienna Saxfest event every year since 2012.


In 2015, he was playing with his saxophone band at Strassbourg Sax Congress while this year, he made a recording for Stockhausen Verlag by Karlheinz Stockhausen: -Linker Augentanz.


He obtained his Bachelor degree in October 2016.


His  is the baritone saxophone player with his 4 colleagues of the Thes Saxsound Quartet for four years, which was founded in the university.



For more information please visit https://www.programturizmus.hu/ajanlat-szaller-istvan.html