Budapest Wind Quintet



Lívia Duleba – flute, Katalin Kiss – oboe, Péter Szűcs – clarinet, Bálint Mohai – bassoon, Tamás Farkas – horn

In 2017, brought together by their communal love of wind chamber music, members of the Budapest Wind Quintet have individually received several prizes in international competitions and have already played solo concerts all over the world. Recently they are members of the country’s leading orchestras, such as National Philharmonic Orchestra, Hungarian State Opera Orchestra and Hungarian Radio Symphony Orchestra.


One of the main missions of the Budapest Wind Quintet is to revive this unique artistic form in Hungary and they also want to establish the woodwind quintet as a virtuosic ensemble through engaging performances of the highest level of artistic expression, cultivating a sense of community with audience members, and collaboratively exploring works of all time periods with particular emphasis on the art of contemporary composers. The quintet often joins forces with other musicians and artists from other disciplines. A hallmark of these collaborations will be a CD and a concert tour with the Dezső Oláh jazz trio.



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