I was born in Budapest Hungary 29 april, 1991. I come from a musician family, I am the 7th generation. First my Dad started teaching me on violin and then I went to music school when I was five years old. Later when I was thirteen years old I went to Franz Liszt Music Academy Special Talent Class, I performed at a lot of tours playing Classic, Gipsy and Jazz music. I played with many musician’s. I am also doing tours now all over the world like session musician and in many bands and also like a solo violinist. When I was fifteen years old I made my first solo album called “I am Only Fifteen”.




2002, 2009 Ede Zathureczky Hungarian violin competetion: First prize


2005: International Telemann violin competetion: First prize


2006: International Gabor Radics Jazz violin competetion: First prize


2013: International Janos Lavotta gipsy violin competetion: First prize


2013: MTVA- Hungarian Television prize


2014: Junior Prima Prize