Photo: Zsófia Raffay

Trio Cimbiózis


Miklós Lukács – dulcimer, István Baló – percussion, György Orbán – double bass

Miklós Lukács is one of the best and most sought after dulcimer players of the world and has a great drive n his work. He is a member or guest in numerous ensembles, we can see his name on many alblums. In 2013 he created his own trio with István Baló (percussion) and György Orbán (double bass). The name „Cimbiózis” was Lukács’s idea which is a combination of the Hungarian name for dulcimer (cimbalom) and the word symbiosis (Hungarian: szimbiózis) since as he said „the symbiosis between the members is the key”.


This name expresses his philosophy as a composer as in his chamber music inspired pieces he places every player ont he same ground.


When writing these pieces Miklós Lukács only gave some guidelines in loose structures that can be filled with free-style play and impressions.